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Break-A-Way® 27 w/14" Screwbase

Item: 43031

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  • Most widely used gate size for all but highest level FIS races
  • Lightweight 240 gram per meter shaft
  • FIS Homologated
  • Red or Blue
  • Most widely used gate size for U16's and older.


Made in the USA.

NO HASSLE WARRANTY: 1 year on shafts and bases, 2 years on flexes

These poles are "Made To Order". Production time is usually 1-3 business days. Any further delays, you will be contacted. For immediate deliveries or larger orders, please call to confirm delivery time, 1-800-223-4448.


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Manitoba Masters' Training Tools
Glenn Allen, Head Coach, July 24, 2008
Last winter we purchased our first order of this product for the local Masters group, Manitoba Masters Ski Club. My rationale was partly that the average member in our club would benefit from the easier contact and improve at a greater rate than what we were experiencing in the 30MM we were using up to that point. My choice was also influenced significantly in that I had also used these gates with Summit Ski Club out of Winnipeg in the last 3 years. The conditions that we set in are usually near bulletproof hardpack at temperatures averaging between -20 and-28 C. The immediate concern for our adult group was that the combination of our average skier size (well over 150 lbs)and our cold conditions would lead to a greater than expected breakage rate. So far no problems so we are looking forward to ordering more.


1 long summer, 2 broken shafts!
Ben Roberts, Head Coach Timberline Summer Race Camp, August 15, 2007
We received 50 new 27mm gates from Reliable for the Timberline Atomic Summer Race Camp. We just wrapped up our summer camp and over the course of 20 days of slalom training we only broke 2 shafts! I was very impressed with the product.

The gates held up really well. We have a variety of snow conditions on Mt Hood in the summer, from bulletproof hard snow, to soft, rotten snow. We found that not only did the gates not break, but they also stayed in the snow. In the past using gates from other manufacturers I have found many gates either spin out of their holes, or pull on the base so that the holes need to be re-drilled frequently. With the BAW gates we had to do very little course maintenence between re-sets.

I was impressed with the product and recommend it strongly.


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