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Timing FAQ

Can our ski area use wireless timing for back up to our primary system?

Yes, for USSA scored races, one is allowed to use wireless for back up only (System B). You will need to have a double output start gate and a proper photocell finish system, but you do not need to have another pair of wires running up the hill. Non-scored races may use wireless for system A electric timing.

Is it possible for us to rent equipment for a specific event or a month?

Of course, Reliable Racing Supply will put together a timing package to suit your needs. We will provide you with everything you will need for a great price. All we need is a credit card number to hold as a deposit. Please contact Gerry Trudell in the Timing Department for details, (subject to availability at the time of inquiry).

What are the specifics I need to ask myself when exploring my options in timing equipment?

First of all, what kind of races are you timing? Are they FIS/USSA scored? Will you need to run dual races (head to head)? How is the terrain set up? Are there wires run on the course or will wireless be a necessity? Will you be utilizing any software programs now or in the future? What will be the maximum distance photocells will be apart at the finish line? Do you want to display the times to spectators and racers? If so, what information would you want to see? If you are a ski area, are you currently bidding for USSA races? If you are interested in wireless, do you have a line of sight with the start and finish lines? Well, that should cover the basics. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Reliable Racing Supply and we would be more than happy to help. Most systems we sell are very custom so getting all the answers is paramount.

What do I do if I need to have timing equipment repaired?

No matter what the problem, RRS is here to help. Box up your equipment very carefully and send it to the address found at the bottom of the page. Please include a letter containing who you are, what problem(s) you are experiencing, and a good day-time phone number where we can reach you. Please allow a few weeks to get it fixed. If you are in a desperate situation, give us a call immediately and arrangements can be made to get you through the event (subject to rental fee and availability).

If I don't have TAG-Heuer photocells, can I still purchase a TAG timer?

Yes, the timer only needs to receive an impulse to work. If you do not need to replace your existing FIS/USSA - Homologated photocells, they will still be able to send an identifiable pulse to the timer.

How do I get my timer to communicate with my PC?

Timers that have this ability have serial connections built in. All you need to do is connect the two providing you have an extra serial port. The software will do the rest. Typically, the software will ask you to choose your timer from a menu. The software has stored all the communication protocols so you will be all ready to go. All that will be left will be practicing with the software.

Can I use the computer as a timer?

The internal time base of a PC is useful only for very simple timing that will not require any precision. If you need precision, you will need to use the time base of a timer. Beware of PC-based timing systems!

How weather resistant is your equipment?

Timers are designed to withstand extreme cold. They will not, however, stand up to rain. The photocells, startgates and displays can take the rain, but the timers are not designed to be out in those conditions. Please protect them from this, they are electrical devices that will short out quickly in a wet environment. Always refer to your user manuals for guidelines.

Can I convert my existing timing system to a wireless system?

Yes, TAG-Heuer and ALGE offer great solutions for this. You can connect your existing start gates or photocells to transmitters and the receiver will give the impulse to the timer. Just about any timer will work with this system. See user manuals for transmission range guidelines.

What system components should I use?

We have put together Quick Installation Guides that outline what components can/should be used together. Click here to view our Quick Installation Guides.

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