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Base BEAST Base Edge Guide

Item: 22460

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Easy to use, the Base Beast is a precise base edge bevel guide for any ski or snowboard. Use with most files or stones 4" or longer. Specify angle: .5°, .75°, 1°, 1.5° or 2°.


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Base BEAST quality
Scott Holmer, November 22, 2012
Misinformed people dismiss Base BEAST as a poor quality plastic tool. The plastic is polycarbonate that's used in high tech applications such as bulletproof windows at bank drive-troughs and the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter. The polycarbonate part is simply a spacer holding the stainless elevation strip a set distance from the edge. Elevation strips vary in thickness to determine edge bevel and are loosely attached to the main frame so they lie perfectly flat on the ski base.


Just Fine
Trevor , October 02, 2012
I've been using two of these guides (in two sizes) for the last 5 seasons and I've been completely happy with them. Yes, they are made of plastic.... so don't manhandle them and they'll last you for years. Although I haven't used other base bevels, I suspect what you may get for your money is a bevel that's more accurate to the advertised angle. The Beast Base Guides I have produce an angle a little bit bigger than advertised by about 0.2deg. If you are a recreational skier like me and you use the same guide to set your edge angle then that's just fine. Despite the inaccuracy they are still precise, and if you like the way the ski edges than that's all that maters.


You get what you paid for.
esmundo, February 14, 2008
A $20 base bevel guide is cheap. But I strongly suggest anyone to get a better quality guide. The steel bridge was bolted onto the plastic body. The screw that hold the 2 pcs together can get lose easily so the bridge will rock around, mine doesn't take long to find its way to the trash. Base bevel is too important to mess with. Get the Toko WC or the SVST guide.


Cant beat it
powderdog, December 02, 2006
This is a great product for the money. Unlike the SVST or the Toko, this tool has a glide plate to protect your ski and doesnt destroy the present structure in your ski this is to easy to do with the SVST and TOKO. The BASE BEAST is light wieght, little pressure is neede to get the result that this tool is made for. I have found the only way to damage this product is if you use it incorrectly and even then it takes alot.


Kinda Sketchy
STicker, October 13, 2006
An overall good product, great for the price, but I recommend putting up the cash for the SVST or Toko guides, these are a little hard to use; an unexperienced hand will slip. The metal plate can bend, as its a pretty thin piece of metal. BEAST may have invented this style of base guide, but they have not perfected it.


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